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What is Hip hop dance?

Many dancers, old and young, enjoy hip-hop even though the dance began decades ago. Unlike classical dance which is limited to age and body type, hip-hop can be performed by anyone who wants to learn. The dance is also very versatile. Today, almost everyone has seen some form of hip-hop dance.

It is a common misconception that hip-hop dance is a singular dance style in itself. The fact is that hip-hop dance refers to a range of dance styles. Categorically, hip-hop dance can be classified into two main derivative styles - street dance and studio dance.

Let us look at a few more facts about the different types of hip-hop dance styles.:


B-boying was one of the first hip-hop dance forms.

B-boying is a type of street dance and is also known as break dancing

Footwork, acrobatics, and upright moves constitute the foundation of b-boying


Locking is a style of hip-hop dance that makes use of fast moves, accentuated gestures, and sharp pauses. This makes the hip-hop dancers look like they are locking and unlocking parts of their bodies while dancing.


Popping is another type of hip-hop dance that uses counter-tempo.

Popping is also characterized by bouncing.


Another form of hip-hop dance is funk. In this style, hip-hop dancers alternate between sharp and fluid dance moves.

this is only touching on some of the different hip hop styles, there are still plenty more.

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