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Young Ballerinas


What is Ballet?

Ballet is a beautiful theatrical dance that features a combination of technical movements and fluidity, performed with class, thus creating a very unique style that is essentially used as the foundation of most dance styles. Ballet necessitates the implementation of elegant mannerisms and body awareness to present controlled movements in a soft and effortless way

The term ballet traces its name roots in the Italian word “balleto”, which is a variation of another Italian word, “balle”, which means “dance”.

The Different styles of Ballet


  • Classical Ballet

  • Romantic Ballet

  • Neoclassical Ballet

  • Contemporary Ballet

Here at DDC, we train our dancers in Classical Ballet which entails a lot of storytelling and technical movements that allow the dancers to express their emotions through theoretical movement and tap into their inner ballerina. Classical Ballet is a performance that usually features a full orchestra, accompanying set design, elaborate costumes, and story-driven dance narratives. 

What age group will benefit from Ballet dance?

With all the great musculoskeletal benefits ballet has to offer, it would be advantageous for all ages. Most people are intimidated by ballet as it has the stigma that you have to start it from a young age, but that is so far from true, you can learn ballet in your 30's 50's even 80's!

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