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Image by Oksana Taran


What is Acro dance?

Acro Dance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of Acrobatics, with the core structures of Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering, and Tumbling. You have probably seen Acro when watching a dance without even knowing it, acrobatics is the skill and trick elements used in the majority of dance styles. Acro Dance is not the same as gymnastics. Skills taught in Acro Dance might look the same as gymnastics, but they are taught differently to compensate for the conditions.

What are the benefits of learning Acrobatic skills and tricks?

Whether you are a dancer that wants to incorporate tricks in your dance that will make the audience gasp, or a martial artist looking at developing balance and flexibility, learning acrobatic skills will benefit you greatly. Acrobatics focuses on fundamental techniques to teach flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and concentration. When done in the right progression and appropriate time, learning acro skills can open the door to more versatility in a dancer’s training.

What age group will benefit from Acro dance?

Acro is beneficial for all ages, depending on the desired outcome. It is preferred for acro dancers to start at a young age to take advantage of their malleable stage if wanting to progress to higher skill levels. Acro dance is also perfect for anyone looking to loosen up their muscles, improve their health, and stimulate their body through gentle stretches and strength work.

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